Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mercy sakes alive it looks like we got ourselves a CONVOY

Sam Francis, Untitled, 1967, Acrylic on paper, 40" x 27" (42"x 29" framed)

"Joan Agajanian Quinn, the longest sitting member appointed to the California Arts Council, is co-curating the exhibit. "The theme Art & Spirit is something that isn't the norm for a show title," she explains. "Gallerists and curators don't think it's politically correct to bring religion into the art world per se, but I have always felt that art is an experience, either good or bad. It can move a person in a way that nothing else can. Maybe it's the spirit within the piece, maybe it's the spirit within the viewer; but no matter what, there is a transforming moment."

Read more of John Seed's writeup at: 

Art & Spirit
February 27, 2016 - April 24, 2016
Shatto Chapel - First Congregational Church of Los Angeles
540 S. Commonwealth Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90026

The gallery will be open each Sunday from 9:00am-3:00pm
Other hours by appointment only

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